Our Chocolate

Old English Toffee

Our blue ribbon buttery, toffee crunch enrobed with chocolate and sprinkled with almond bits.


Traditional old fashioned recipes of silky chocolate ganache surrounded in either a milk or dark chocolate shell. Available in the following flavors: Classic, Chocolate Chip, Toffee, Bittersweet, Raspberry, French Cream, Mint, Huckleberry, Espresso, Orange Cap, and Hazelnut.

Liqueur Truffles

Just like our traditional old fashioned hand rolled truffles, except with your favorite liqueur added to the ganache and a bit larger in size. Kahlua, Irish Crème, B-52, Belgium Rum, and Wine Barrels.

Assorted Chocolates

A variety of chocolates including caramel, pecan turtles, nuts, chews, truffles and creams. Boxes of all nuts/chews and creams available for the same price.


A blend of our caramel (the best this side of the Mississippi) Pecans or Almonds, enrobed in chocolate.

Hand crafted caramels dipped in Milk and Dark Chocolate

Wine Barrel Truffles

Wine Barrel Truffles are infused with locally made wine from the Heart of Washington’s wine country

Sugar Free Assorted Boxes

Standard variety of Sugar Free chocolates.

Signature Box

1 1/2 lbs and 3 lbs

One box with our famous Toffee, Truffles and Turtles

Larger box sizes are available for the above listed items.

Guittard Chocolate

We use a premium line of rich and smooth Guittard chocolate

Sweet H

Chocolate fudge with a layer of caramel enrobed in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt

Pecan Nut Log with Caramel and Nougat


Assorted Chocolates

At Baums House of Chocolate, we have a wide variety of other candy items as well. These include: licorice, bulk chocolate, chocolate melts, gummies, hard candy, and nostalgic candies from your childhood!

Custom Molded Chocolate and Corporate Orders available! Call Today!

We sell chocolate in bulk

We carry bulk chocolates for baking and candy making. Available by the pound. Milk and dark chocolate, bittersweet, white, sugar free,chocolate curls, mini chocolate chips and chocolate melts for molding in different colors and flavors.

*Prices are $15.99 per pound

Voted #1 in the Chocolate Lover's Guide for the Northwest

Chocolate Covered Toffee & Peanut Butter Cups